Once upon a time

Once upon a time I would enjoy doing all sorts of things but they will come a time when you want to derive deeper meaning from the things you have always done, the things you have always taken for granted. These could be attitude, beliefs or plain hobbies. You ask yourself why you have religiously followed the rituals. You tell yourself that you always wanted or liked it or you were just plainly hooked to it. Sometimes you cannot answer that. You are always changing and adapting to life changes and you wonder whether you are probably getting less normal. Everyone, though may see or regard you the way you were yesterday but now you are no longer the same. You are adapting to new challenges and some people may tend to doubt you when you say: I am no longer like that. Nothing to worry about though.

Till we meet again

I remember the day. The day is vividly etched in my memory. I had to leave. A week before the day I was supposed to leave was hell. The last night was a scorcher. Time appeared to dilate. I would wake up in the middle of the night and check on my time but nothing appeared to be moving. One does not need to be closer to a black hole or to move at the speed of light to experience it. I was anxious. My breathing and my heart seemed to race like these F1 cars at full throttle.

I was dreading the day and time when I had to say Goodbye to my family. How would I explain to my two-year daughter to whom I had bonded with so well that I was going away. It was not easy parting but it had to be done.
Then the countdown started that day. I am getting closer to the day of getting home again and I am experiencing the same feelings again. The days are getting longer so it seems.

Home is where my heart belongs.

Till we meet again and embrace. The cycle is always unending. What a stop-and-start journey.

Shopping can be a nightmare

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Does the Present Exist?

The Future the Present and the Past.

Does the present exist? What is the present time equal to? Is it equal to one second, a minute, a day or a nanosecond? So what is the present? Is it zero minutes from now and what is now?
I have always wondered.

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Arsenic DNA

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Who has Time?

I used to think I had lots of it but now I realize I have little of it. It’s not that I am dying but I feel I do not have enough of it. When I was young TIME used to tick away slowly so it seemed.

No Regrets