Is there There there??

Been wondering whether one can say whether there is there there. Have you been there? When you reach there that’s when you know you that, There, is far from you. Some of us , though thinking that we have been there but once you talk to us , that is when you know that we are far from being there. Can having been there be objectively be defined? I suppose,sometimes, one can have been to a place and believe so, but that person was never there. Maybe one has to say I passed through the place. How much of confidence can we say that we have been there? Yes we can say we have seen it all but have we actually seen everything and being there? Do we understand everything? Are we experienced enough to say we have been there now because we there in the past? So many things are changing BUT not our perceptions that we have been there. Have we been There to say we have been there? What do you say if you think you have seen There in there???

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