The unthinkable truth: shattering.

The epistemological truth? You never thought that It could happen to you. You do not want to know. You think everyone is on your side until you get to know otherwise. You believe and you do not judge. You believe in building bridges.

Until your wife tells you she is filing for divorce but you have never let her down
Until your boss tells you that he is firing you after you seal that elusive big deal
Until your application for that post is turned down for an unknown and inexperienced person
After giving all your life to the organisation
Until your lover tells you that you have been treating her like …… and she must leave
Untill your workers tell you they want equal shares in the your company without contributing a cent
Untill your friend runs away with your lover
Untill your soldiers mutiny against you
Until all your people revolt and rise against you
You are surprised how much they hate you
After all you have “done” for them.
Surprised because you did not bother to know
All along you thought everything was fine and everyone was happy.
After all you had done to “uplift” them.
The painful truth; the real truth.
You think about every possibility every minute and people say you lack confidence
Guard against the “evil”
Your “enemies?”
Your “slaves”
Your “best” friends shoot at you even when your hands are up

The real epistemological truth.
The pain, the death, the starting point and the realization that you have been a fool all along
because you trusted and loved so much.
Blind faith
Loyalty: but you do not get it back
Why trust others when you do not even trust yourself
You are always changing your mind.

The real epistemological truth

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