Blind faith or blindfolded

When it comes to our children some of us parents love them very much that we get blinded with More

First Impressions are lasting

I have always liked the impressions I get when I join a new organisation. Some of the impressions are More

The generation gap

As we get older I suppose we appear to be less cool and more ignorant according to our children or young adults. Yes we listen to different music and do things differently but I do not think we are stupid.

The majority of them are always trying to pull a fast one but the one thing that gives me joy is when I catch them trying. They think old people are always in the dark. Unfortunately us parents make it worse by refusing to move with the times. Technology is changing fast and so we must not be left behind. This is one of the reason we are thought to be ignorant: Not knowing the latest trends.

They get shocked when you tell them that you had to google your eyes when you were in the dark. Even if you StumbleUpon More


Too many a time when one is More

The Two way Street

One of the most amazing thing about teaching More