Losing momentum

Well, when you start blogging it is one of those things that can happen to you. It is so fulfilling in the beginning and you wonder why you did not start earlier. But things will not stay the same. Some things have to change. [Get me right I am not generalizing folks – Tell me if nothing changes.] You grow and sometimes that intensity is no longer the same. You have to open those valves. When you blog the valves unintentionally open releasing pressure:The internalized and restricted emotions. My friend told me that blogging is about educating emotions to some extend. What do you say? Taming that “devil” in side us. At one stage they must come out and express themselves. One thing for sure you critically look at your self and reflect on your direction and where you are coming from. You revisit and configure what you have been doing. You may not feel that intense feeling anymore. But some folks got hooked to your blogs and you are afraid you will disappoint them if you do not feed their line with new Real Simple Syndicate. What more your subscribers, they expect one or two things in a fortnight. You ask yourself whether you should do it for them or yourself just to keep it going but when you lose your momentum. Anyway what is momentum? In Physics momentum is the product of mass and velocity. The final result would become huge if either your mass or velocity which can be regarded as the magnitude of speed increases. In Rugby momentum takes you across the try line. In motivation theories momentum keeps you going into the “danger zone” destroying everything in your wake. Nothing is impossible.
In blogging there will come when you either lose your mass or your velocity and thus your momentum decreases. Your rate of posting decreases. Sometimes you have realised no one reads your posts for many varied reasons. But despite that you no longer feel that urge to conquer the unknown. You have moved your self to new epistemological heights and your ontology has changed. You have a different perspective on life but when you started it was like therapeutic play.
You realise you have to blog because you are in the mood of it. It is about how frequently you posts. The “doubting Thomas” may think you have lost it. You have lost the momentum.
How I have noticed? Even good , popular and freshly pressed bloggers tend to lose their momentum too. The expectations would be too high from fellow bloggers. These guys have to maintain their momentum and quality on a daily basis. Is that possible? When the stats starts tumbling down I hope they do not feel that bad feeling. I have never been freshly preshed WordPress wise so I do not know how they feel but I empathise with them. I have lost the momentum for now and I hope to get it back. I would rather blog about what uplifts me now than do it for the sake of it.
Blogging is like narrating a story and it is up to them to take it up but should you care less.

Is it about losing momentum for now or forever?

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