He thinks crime “pays.”

There are things you would not want to write about but the moment you do that you are attracting negative criticism. It is like you are experiencing pain and you say the pain is not there. You want to be a pretender so that you can please other people who think otherwise or who have different standpoints. You want to bring to More

Sending the wrong signals to a toddler

I have always asked my two-year old daughter to do some errands for me and she always seemed enthusiastic to do them. She would do it to please me so I thought. Fetching a glass of water was her favourite. She would rush to get back to me sometimes spilling the water in the process. I would melt inside with happiness and satisfaction knowing that one day she will get it right. This loyalty was to turn into shattering experience. More

Imagine Life without routine

Most of the things we have excelled in are a result of routine. Doing and repeating things. Life is full of these cycles which are simple harmonic in nature although once in a while there could be spikes but everything returns to normal.

Whats normal? More

Is it a question of sweet serendipity?

For me it is not a question of sweet serendipity. It is quite the opposite. It’s not that I fear my More


Ordered Chaos

Many people seem to think that my desk is cluttered and disordered but I always see order in my junk. Did I say junk. To some people when they seem not to More