Shopping can be a nightmare

Family shopping! How I hate it. I always try to find an excuse not to go but it is not that easy to say no. My son knows he can get some few bucks from me to buy himself toys and he always insists. Going shopping with him always reminds me when he was three when he would want all the toys from the supermarket. How time change. It’s all history now.

I would not want to disappoint my wife. I promised her in front of the kids that I would be part of the entourage whenever she goes shopping. I do not know what had gotten into my head. I will live to regret it. I wish I could change this bloody pact.

When we went into the supermarket it was bursting to its seams. Did these people phone each or it was a question of telepathy? It then dawned me that people were doing last-minute shopping for Christmas. Poor planning I told my self, my wife included in that category to appease my never-take-the -blame ego. I started asking my self why we had to shop that day. I do not like crowds or to be part of them but then I knew the shops were to be closed for Christmas, tomorrow.

My wife is what you may call a slow browser with slow connection. She takes her time reading instructions and expiry dates when it comes to buying grocery. This is even worse with new products on the market. She would spent some five minutes and Imagine for ten products that is a cool 50 minutes. There is nothing wrong with this but everything seem to slow down: my heartbeat, my brain and my bio-clock.There I would be standing behind her pushing the trolley lost in my thoughts. She, slowly dropping items into the basket.

Negotiating the trolley around was another problem today. Keeping left or right would have made sense. Some overzealous kids seemed to be going over the speed limit; overtaking and pushing haphazardly. I wished we had speed humps. Everything appeared helter-skelter but oblivious to the shoppers. Something is seriously wrong with me in this sea of alien invaders.

Everyone appeared trigger happy to spoil my day: voices appeared to rise to a deafening feverish pitch driving me into a frenzy. How I wished the isles were wider today. Why did she not choose another day? Should I convince her to postpone the shopping;  but   then I realized supplies had dwindled and needed replenishment.

First getting a place to park was a problem. Now this. Why does she not do that from home on-line. I muttered to myself. I tried humming ” Killing me softly..” and then ” Helter-skelter ..” but no sound would come out. Why is that I always feel the same old feeling? They squash me from all directions, suffocating me and I started sweating. Surprisingly it was cool inside the supermarket.

Like ants busy picking and putting items into baskets and back onto shelves. Is it indecision??? I checked for time and every second seemed longer. Time dilation. So one does not have to move at the speed of light or being close to a black-hole to experience this phenomena. My mind playing games on me again.

The shopping had to be done. Today the queues were longer. When I came to myself, I was behind by several metres and my son was telling me he had found a Bakugan toy of his life. Forking out money; more than I had wanted seemed to be the order of the day. I remembered this quote:

A fool and his money will soon part

I will never get used to shopping.

When we got out it was 4 hours later.


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  1. hemlock1981
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 00:58:55

    I too, despise shopping. I am one who, unless it is a book store, I figure out what I want before I go. I go. I find the product, and then purchase the item.

    I also have a similar pact with my Wife. But I transfer my distaste for shopping into joy for spending time with my Wife. It seems to work for me…most of the time.


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