The big decision

When children are very young they have an insatiable appetite for food but mostly toys. I would go into supermarkets with my son and he would want me to buy him all the toys: how would I be able to afford that? Besides I would be spoiling him.

This day I told him I was going to buy him some toys. He was very excited to accompany me to the supermarket.
When we were in the supermarket he started collecting different kinds of toys.
I told him that I was going to buy him only one toy and he must choose the one that he really wanted.

It took him by surprise. He had to make the biggest decision of his life. I could see him glued on the spot trying to choose only one item. He would pick one, stare at it and returned it to the shelf and reluctantly pick another one. He seemed to like all the toys but he could not make up his mind. For the first time in his life he had to make a big decision. This was not that easy for him.
I reminded him that we had to go. He came to the till and went back again to choose another toy. This to and fro motion took place many times. He was suffering from indecision. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes but today was the day to whet his appetite for toys forever.

Finally he chose the toy he wanted. We drove all the way home in total silence. I could see that he was feeling bad about the toy he had chosen or rather the ones he left behind. He wanted the other ones. It was a big decision he had to make.

Sending the wrong signals to a toddler

I have always asked my two-year old daughter to do some errands for me and she always seemed enthusiastic to do them. She would do it to please me so I thought. Fetching a glass of water was her favourite. She would rush to get back to me sometimes spilling the water in the process. I would melt inside with happiness and satisfaction knowing that one day she will get it right. This loyalty was to turn into shattering experience. More

Till we meet again

I remember the day. The day is vividly etched in my memory. I had to leave. A week before the day I was supposed to leave was hell. The last night was a scorcher. Time appeared to dilate. I would wake up in the middle of the night and check on my time but nothing appeared to be moving. One does not need to be closer to a black hole or to move at the speed of light to experience it. I was anxious. My breathing and my heart seemed to race like these F1 cars at full throttle.

I was dreading the day and time when I had to say Goodbye to my family. How would I explain to my two-year daughter to whom I had bonded with so well that I was going away. It was not easy parting but it had to be done.
Then the countdown started that day. I am getting closer to the day of getting home again and I am experiencing the same feelings again. The days are getting longer so it seems.

Home is where my heart belongs.

Till we meet again and embrace. The cycle is always unending. What a stop-and-start journey.

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