He thinks crime “pays.”

There are things you would not want to write about but the moment you do that you are attracting negative criticism. It is like you are experiencing pain and you say the pain is not there. You want to be a pretender so that you can please other people who think otherwise or who have different standpoints. You want to bring to the attention of society that some people feel justified in committing evil. Well they do not call it evil. For me deep down what is right is good for self and society but more for society. Not good or gain for any individual. I hope when I write about this, people will not think that I am promoting crime but I want you righteous and law-abiding people to know what other evil people think about their actions. Because of social injustice they think those who can afford owe them a piece of their cake. One may argue that why do I associate with these type of people, the scum of the earth. The fact is I do not but due to the fact that I do not willingly close my ears when things are being said and I did not choose to be at some places in time when things are said. I was equally shocked and chilled to the bone why someone would think that crime “pays”.

Anyway instead of behaving like an ostrich when ever it faces trouble it would take flight or bury its head in sand when tired of running and invites its enemies to have a good feast of it for dinner, I had to lowly ask what this guy meant when he said crime “pays.”
And this is what he said:

I was born of poor parentage who could not afford to sent me to school. In our family we are twelve and I learnt to fend for my self when I was young because my father was unemployed and a drunkard. I had to learn to get things without asking for permission to survive. Now I have family and I cannot get a job so I have to do the inevitable to survive. My kids need to eat and go to school.

I could read between the lines that this person was up to no good. But the point is whether this person feels he has been socially deprived or alienated but does it gives him the right to reward himself with other people property without their permission. To me it is evil no matter his rationalisation that he has to feed his family. What has happened to the common good and all the virtues we were exposed to when we were young? The good of the society. Thou shall not steal, lie or commit……Thou shall treat others the way they expect others to treat themselves.

It is unfortunate and unthinkable that instead of doing something to change their position some people are scheming to get what we have worked and toiled for. How can this social disease and irrational justification be eradicated?

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