Living in a cage

security fence
Remember when you were growing up. We did not have these enclosures called “durawalls”. That was a long time ago. Even if we had them they were not that high. They used to mark the boundaries of the yard or property. Burglar bars and screen doors where not necessary. Yes “durawalls” would stop your dogs from straying and preventing your male dogs and bitches of seeing each other. Now the walls of “privacy”, the walls of fear are getting higher with high security fences. Razor wire to protect you from fellow human beings. You cannot trust the “neighbour” for the neighbour is the “suspect number one”. We are now living in a cage, a human zoo. Everything is bolted from inside. Are we now living in a jungle where literally the survival of the ruthless, unkind seem to be the order? Where a dog eat a dog. Where fear stalks you and you feel not safe and you want to run away to another forsaken place.

Do not trust anyone except your dogs