Somebody is watching you

body scanners

Whether you like it or not somebody is watching you from a distance. For those who are religious I am not referring to your god who watches from a distance but surveillance cameras that are used to monitor our actions and lives in public. Did I say in public? Sometimes even in your private domain some people feel they have the right to monitor you. Their reasons could be wide and varied. They are scared of you. They want to bring you down for whatever reason. Whatever you do they are watching you if you did not know?

You go into supermarkets they follow you .
You use the subway they follow you.
You drive they follow you on motorways.
You go to jail they watch you too.
What a Panopticon?
You fly they undress you at airports
and see all your “curves and insides”

You protest they “tag” you.

They tell you they want to stop crime.
To stop revolutions.
Intruding into your privacy .
Do they have the right to intrude all in the name of security?

Instead of addressing the social problems they are busy investing in surveillance.

I am just an ordinary law-abiding citizen.


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Yesterday I gave him my heart with intensity

A post by my guest blogger Exppressions1

I lived my life and maximized the moments.

I kissed his lips as two lovers longing for each other.

I took a deep breath and released it in front of his eyes.

I loved him as I deserve to receive love.

I made love to him as if it is for the first time.

Being with you yesterday I chose to forget the troubles of this world.

Your hugs made me realize that LOVE exists.

I opened my heart and I allowed myself to be vulnerable.

Yesterday, I loved to see myself reflecting Love.

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Till we meet again

I remember the day. The day is vividly etched in my memory. I had to leave. A week before the day I was supposed to leave was hell. The last night was a scorcher. Time appeared to dilate. I would wake up in the middle of the night and check on my time but nothing appeared to be moving. One does not need to be closer to a black hole or to move at the speed of light to experience it. I was anxious. My breathing and my heart seemed to race like these F1 cars at full throttle.

I was dreading the day and time when I had to say Goodbye to my family. How would I explain to my two-year daughter to whom I had bonded with so well that I was going away. It was not easy parting but it had to be done.
Then the countdown started that day. I am getting closer to the day of getting home again and I am experiencing the same feelings again. The days are getting longer so it seems.

Home is where my heart belongs.

Till we meet again and embrace. The cycle is always unending. What a stop-and-start journey.

Handwritten letter

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