Twinkle through the dark sky

At the beginning of the year I set myself targets. Now it is time for me to look into the view mirror and at my odometer to see how many miles I have covered and see whether those targets have been met. But as you may know it is easier to set targets and goals but following them to the letter is not that easy.

Although I have tried to stay on course but sometimes cross-winds would be crossing into my path, upsetting my balance. I have tried to resist the cross-winds because of my gathered momentum but that seems to be a weakness on my part showing how rigid and inflexible I am. But I thought that was the only way I had to do If I had to follow and achieve my goals which looked brilliant on paper. What more; unforeseen detours. Sometimes traffic would get dense. Rain or fog would affect my sight and I had to slow down so as to get to my final destination in one piece. At one stage of the journey I had a blowout but I managed to keep the car under control. The lesson I learnt was you cannot put lot of trust into brand new tyres for they may fail when you least expect it.

Besides the distractions and the near misses I endured, I can feel something good deep inside me. I am pleased I made the decision to travel. I have met new challenges on this course and all of them have taught me to be flexible and change when it is called for. Goals can be in sight but one must reach out to touch them. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Others choose to stay put. Yachts can still sail into the wind at speed. It depends on how one arranges his sails but we all know it is bump at sea and one may get sea-sick too.

Here I am in the middle of the night and I can smell rain and I can tell it is going to fall tonight. In the distance and still of the night I can see a twinkle through the dark sky. But for now, there are no directions and milestones to worry about.

I am lost in my own thoughts.


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