If music be the food of love read on

I was listening to Dstv DMX- Adult Contemporary music channel when something caught my eye. I took about an hour or so to read the titles of the songs, the name of the albums playing and the name of the artists. I was impressed and intrigued by their catchy title-artist-album something. Besides the music was cool.

The list below gives the Title, Artist and Name of Album respectively. I have thought wildly what could have inspired these people to come up with these out-of-this-world titles, groups and Album names. I cannot stop imagining. The catchy stuff has been highlighted in bold

Add it up; Andrew Belle; The ladder

Slice; Five For fighting, Slice

Live like We are Dying; Kris Allen; Live like We are dying

No rain; Blind Melon; Blind Melon

1973, James Blunt; All the lost Sides

Animal; Neon Trees; Habits

Home; Goo Goo Dolls

The world I know; Collective Soul

If You only know; Shinedown; The Sound of Madness

Real Real gone; Van Morrison; Enlightment

The only exception; Paramore; Brand New Eyes

Book of love; Peter Gabriel; Scratch my back

Breathe your name; Sixpence non the richer; Devine Discontent

Sunny came home; Shawn Calvin; A few small repairs

Loveshack; The B-52’s; Cosmic thing

Dreams;Cranberries; Everybody is doing it so why can I not.
The artist Deep Blue Something with the song Breakfast at Tiffany. Also the group called Plain White T’s. Oh what about Coldplay and ……
When I was young there was a band called Curiosity killed a Cat and another called Public enemy. The list is endless. Can you think of some mind-boggling title-artist-album names?

Unlimited imagination!
Imagination unlimited!


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