Ducks, Fours and Sixes

I suppose we talk to our inner-selves but we do it differently.
Some sing.
Some dance.
Some scream.
Some hum.

Is it a way of getting it out, exorcising that bad feeling?
Exorcising those pent-up emotions.

Some do blog just to feel good and contact those strangers. Some of those strangers keep visiting your blog leaving their URLs so you can handshake them from a distance but some will never come back again because you are boring but the good thing is that you do not know them.
The exciting is thing is sometimes the HITS you get. The front-end of your blog may just be a smokescreen. The back-end of the blog gives you the hits, stats that may cause you to want to blog or go on a sabbatical leave.

Sometimes it is like playing test cricket. A run a ball that leads to a century. It’s not always about twenty- twenty cricket with a lot of big hitting. Once in a while you get a bad ball and you are hit for a four or six. Everyone likes that and you see the score board going crazy. The problem you may get addicted to the run rate and you want to check your HITS frequently to see how you are batting.

Just forget about the HITS and concentrate on your batting. The time you spent in the crease is important and you do not want to get distracted. Play your game and never count your runs. It’s not always about them but the love of cricket. I mean Blogging and the feeling that goes with it.

Blog, bowl good line and length or full toss onto those wickets for HITS but sometimes they are just WIDES and NO Balls

OR Ducks


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