I am Invisible?

Being invisible I do not mean I do not reflect or absorb light. I do not have magical or technological powers to disguise myself. I am not translucent but very invisible. Probably my skin camouflages me which I doubt very much. I suppose the only things that are able to pass through me easily are neutrinos in their different type of flavours. I reflect light but no one “sees” me. I do not “exist”. I have no valid proof to substantiate my existence anyway. It’s not that I bother but that’s the way things are.

I know I am invisible to the living but visible to my self. Do not take this as a statement of arrogance
Well some women become invisible after fifty. No one will “see” them. For me I am not one of them and my invisibility has nothing to do with my age or the hormones that are flowing in my system.

I have walked this journey and people do not seem to see me. I can go into a place and walk out any time of the day without being noticed. I am now used to being invisible that I have perfected the art of invisibility, enjoying my company and filtering noise out of my timeline. Meditating and discovering more who I am. One may think I am miserable but that is not true. It is because people are just different. I derive true happiness from invisibility.

I love walking into places without being noticed. I am not a detective or anything close to that so do not get me wrong.
Imagine living next door to me. I will see you but you will not see me even though I stand in front of your door daily. You can call me the invisible man.
Are you invisible?
Do those people you want to connect with invisible too?
Do you get frustrated that you are invisible to them?
How about some plastic surgery or …?

Perhaps time to reinvent your self and lose yourself all in the name of visibility.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 1nvisib1e
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 21:12:17

    A subject dear to my heart. You mentioned hormones as a possible feature of invisibility. That’s very interesting. I like that you derive happiness from being invisible; it can be a very powerful state of being. Me too! I’ve decided that it’s a superpower and am making the most of it. Hope you do too.


    • gotojamesonblog
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 22:03:06

      Do not worry about public visibility. As you get old and get “stupid “you seem to see things differently but positively. Its about what you feel. I do not mean you must be selfish though but you get along. You know you are there BUT kicking though. Thanks for stopping by.


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