Imagine Life without routine

Most of the things we have excelled in are a result of routine. Doing and repeating things. Life is full of these cycles which are simple harmonic in nature although once in a while there could be spikes but everything returns to normal.

Whats normal? Imagine the word normal did not exist because there would be no time to deem the situation normal. Imagine things and events changing and shaping the universe out of shape. Seasons changing without notice. [They have already started changing causing drought, lots of snow and flooding. Imagine there would be no way to predict weather because everything is changing every second and every nanosecond. ]

The pessimist and doomsayers will have no time and signs to predict the end of the world because they are busy trying to adapt to the changing world. They have no clue to what is happening.

A world where experience is nothing. Everything has to be done like the first time. A world without reflex actions. No routine. Everyone learning how to walk from the cradle to grave. Everyone learning how to breathe for the conditions in the air are changing and the lungs have to adapt every second to match the ever-changing conditions. A world where language is changing at an alarming rate. Everyone speaking in tongues and people learning how to decipher and decode what is being said within minutes.

A world where no one can multitask because there is no routine. A spontaneously ever-changing world.
Perhaps life would be exciting because people have to learn new things every second.
People do not have to boast about their years of experience because what they know in useless every second from now. A world full of spontaneity. A world where your body is learning every second to come to terms with the ever-changing times. A world where the heartbeat is ever spiking.

A world if you do not change then everything ends in a supernova. A world not governed by laws. A world without patterns. A world where scientist and researchers can not hypothesise or theorise because everything is changing so fast to a scale of microsecond.

I do not like routine. I hate it. Routine reminds me of my inadequacies for I seem never to learn from the past. Changing times make me feel that experience is nothing.

Do you like routine the mother of experience?

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