Is it a question of sweet serendipity?

For me it is not a question of sweet serendipity. It is quite the opposite. It’s not that I fear my “superiors” but I always send wrong signals to them after I have met them or get directives from them in their offices. Everything is fine until I leave their office. I seem to get blind and always bump into things.

I do not know how their think about me and my signals. I have always tried to learn from my last head-on collisions with stationary objects but to no avail . This is always embarrassing. Today it is this and tomorrow it is that. It’s not that I am scared of these personalities but I have got one of those recessive behavioral trait that I seem to have perfected with time.

I wish things were different for it seems to temporarily erode on my gains by sending wrong signals to them. Besides bumping into things I also seem to press the wrong buttons wherever I go. The Midas Touch is an elusive button for me.

Also when I am writing down words I seem to always find a better replacement after I have written one down. I can only decided in most cases on the tenth word or so. Imagine how long it took me to write this post. It is not that I do not think before I put a pen to paper. I seem to be hard to please. Imagine yourself doing the “unusual.”
How embarrassing it is? Bad fortune or whatever you call it seem to follow me and I am getting used to it. It takes away my false sense of standing which I tend to guard jealously.

I call it movie making and I am the director from the other side of Serendip!


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