The World of IF…

The IF world occasionally takes us back in time and sometimes forward.
IF is sometimes the cause of stress, anxiety , anticipation and happiness.

It can invigorate us or take us back to those worst degrading moments in our time lines but it is through iffing that we reflect about our situations and get better.

IF I want to climb to the top then I must….
IF I want to go to heaven then…
IF I had not..then the outcome would have been different
IF I had studied hard then..
IF my parents had not met….
IF I had listened.
IF I had made hay while the sun was shining.
IF I had then I should have been..
IF I had not said it.
IF I do not dream then no goals achieved or world of possibilities.
IF I do not blog noone would know how stupid I am.
IF you had not read my blog then you would not know about me
IF I had kept quiet probably people would have thought of me as intelligent.

Why do I worry about IF as IF it is going to change the past?
I should just take responsibility of my actions


without IF I would not be where I am today.

The IF world is the world I know


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