My daughter is a cannibal

My daughter is three months short of her second birthday. They say you must not compare children but her brother by the same time could speak fluently. A question of different development but from second-hand experience girls seem to progress faster than boys on average.

When it comes to her motor skills she is wonderful unlike the brother who struggles to tie his shoes laces at eight years old and cannot use his hands effectively when it comes to fielding when playing cricket. His not-so-good batting is the only reason that gives him a place in team. It seems I have already started comparing. I must not do that because we are dealing with two unique individuals.

The traces of cannabilism

My daughter currently has a poor vocabulary but she understands instructions. If you tell her to do something she will execute the commands and you would be proud of her. She even helps with mopping of floors and she remembers exactly where each and every piece of cutlery is kept. You can say new words and she can repeat after you but she seems to get bored easily but the amazing thing she may repeat the world after several days. Sometimes we get shocked for we least expected it.

She fails to relate with others and has a way of expressing it: BITING: something I see as a cannibalistic tendency. She would just sink her teeth into your flesh but she has not drawn blood yet. Other kids cannot take this and it’s always a source of embarrassment.. Is it because that’s her way of communicating? What a way?


At one point I thought she was suffering from Autism but she does not appear to display all the symptoms. My wife thinks there is nothing abnormal about her except that she needs time and confidence to communicate verbally. I have spent hours digging about Autism on the internet but her behaviour seems to be not-so except her worrisome biting. The reassuring thing is that she is biting less and less as she grows older.

The worry

Should we go to specialists and verify if she suffering from Autism?

Does she need more time?

One day she will bite and draw blood and get addicted?

She seems to enjoy biting friends’ children and thus they think twice before they visit us.

Biting is a health hazard?

Is it a passing phase? Who knows?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chisveto patricia
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 20:04:45

    Children develop differently and as you rightly pointed out,it is grossly unfair to compare two individuals.Even identical twins can never behave exactly the same.I feel at two you seem to be expecting too much from her.There are so many factors that affect the language development of children .she probably needs more time.Dont worry about biting ,most girls use it as a defensive mechanism.


  2. gotojamesonblog
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 20:33:35

    Thanks for the reassuring comment. Sometimes as parents we expect our kids to be whiz kids.


  3. totallytawn, ali'i wahine
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 06:28:10

    My daughter is almost three. Right before she was 2, we had her evaluated through a state early child development program and they determined her language skills to be closer to a 9 month old. We qualified for speech therapy for her. During the course of her therapy sessions, we discovered that it wasn’t that she couldn’t talk, she just didn’t want to. She does have an older brother who “interprets” for her, but mostly she’s simply stubborn. Now, a year later, she’s speaking so much Spanish that she learned from Dora the Explorer that I can hardly understand her!

    I think you’re right – the biting is probably her way of communicating. And I think your wife is right – it will probably disappear in time. But it never hurts to look into getting her evaluated, if only for your own peace of mind. Maybe she’s just stubborn, too 🙂


  4. gotojamesonblog
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 18:54:56

    Thanks for the priceless advice totallytawn, ali’i wahine. My wife feels ,we should not go for early evaluation until she is two years old. From what you said she just does not want to talk. We will see after her second birthday whether we must take it up. Thanks for stopping by.


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