In the womb the true story told

Hello there! My name is Fetus. I would like to tell you my story.You may wonder how a fetus may be able to do this feat but this a one in a million scenario. I hope would-be parents would be able to use facts gleaned from my story to make life pleasurable to those who are still to be born.

During my development I learnt lots of things. I used some of the tricks I learnt to control my mother. When ever I wanted a certain type of food I would let my mother crave for it.
Some of her cravings were strange to her but for me it was a way of trying different food types. But sometimes she would vomit and I would feel sorry for her. Imagine corn-flakes soaked in chicken-soup and honey at mid night.
Sometimes the craving was a way of telling her that there were deficiencies in her diet and she should correct it. Sometimes I would let her crave for clay soil; well it contains calcium and other mineral salts that were lacking in her diet but good for my health. There were types of substances that I did not enjoy for they would make me sleep. I will find out what that could have been when I am out of here.Hopefully the things that made me sleep wont affect my health in future. I love playing games here. I can kick and push against my confines. I can even do some somersaulting moves or play a bit of kung-fu. I love the action-reaction impulse generated games.

There are a lot of things I can hear in the womb. I can hear her breathing or I can hear when people are shouting at each other. Some of the noise would drive me crazy and I had to cover my ears with my hands to block the noise. Sometimes my dad would be snoring heavily and I would kick on my mother’s diaphragm so she would wake up to stop her husband from snoring. Sometimes after pushing on her diaphragm slowly this would cause her to snore too increasing the decibels. I had a way of putting my foot on her diaphragm to control her breathing producing some pleasant music.

Whenever my mother was angry I would also feel it and sometimes I would kick harder making her aware of it. She would calm down. Whenever she was happy I would sense it. In this world of mine you communicate by kicks. One day I tried to laugh but I ended up choking and hiccuping. Now I know how to play the game but I forget to keep my mouth shut. I heard my mother telling somebody that I must practise swallowing but it’s choking me whenever I try.

I remember the time they put something close to my mother’s belly. This thing would produce vibrations that made me so sad. The thing was moving all over and I used my kung-fu tactics to duck but it would follow. I curled my body and the more I did it the longer it stayed there. What were these people up to? Why were they disturbing my freedom? Invading my territory?

It has been so dark and quiet here but these days I can see a bit of light. I can open my eyes a bit too.
I do not have much space for my games anymore. Whats happening?

I can tell the number of people in my house. I can clearly hear voices. I like the singing or when my mother reads a book loud or when dad talks to me. It is so sweat of them. Soft music calms me but sometimes sends me to sleep. It is a great pleasure when my mother’s belly is stroked and I would kick back in approval and sometimes my heart beat goes up. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with excitement that I open my mouth and start to hiccup. I do not seem to learn from my past experiences.

These days my mother is sleeping a lot and does not seem to sleep well at night. She seems to be worried. She is always holding her belly. I do not hear many voices these days . I am worried too. There is hardly any space left here. My world seems to have turned upside down. I feel like free-falling head first. Something is pushing me down. I am being squeezed and I am stuck somewhere. Could they play that nice soft tune. The temperature is getting cold and something stinging cold is gushing into my lungs, suffocating!

This time I open my mouth forever…….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hemlock1981
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:10:29

    What an awesome story. What an interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. jameson goto
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 17:29:54

    I suppose being a parent start from the day of conception. A fetus has brain and can also feel pain.


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