Back to Nature Part 2

Part 2
When I woke up the sun was up and it was very hot. After we had our breakfast I decided to take the kids to the local swimming pool. Here the kids were happy to cool in the water.
We had our lunch and slept throughout the day

Sunset and The dancing specks of light

When we woke up the temperatures had dramatically gone down.
There was a small window which allowed a beam of light to pass; falling on one of the rugs which was dusty.

My son was playing with the beam trying to block it and catch tiny particles of dust which were being jostled around. He looked excited.

I asked him to spray some water onto the beam and to his amazement the rainbow was formed.
He started screaming with delight and soon the sister joined him and started playing this game until the sunlight disappeared.
It was a wonderful experience for the kids. In the meantime the mother was preparing supper.

I decided to climb on top of the platform to enjoy some drinks.
The sun was casting its golden streaks across the water and everything appeared electric.
Before the sun set I heard some noise and to my amazement below me I could see two huge hippos grazing below.
I climbed down to tell my family about the new visitors. By the time we came back to the platform the hippos were moving away from the cottage but my family had a good close view of them

back to nature hippo

back to nature hippo

The Southern Cross

The night was cold and clear and one could see stars twinkling in the background.
I decided to show my children the Southern Crux in the constellation Centauri.
For one to locate it we had to first find the pointer stars alpha and beta Centauri which were clearly visible and then the crux. The other constellation which my children could easily identify was Scorpio with its head and tail and the red giant Antares in the middle of the head.

The return Journey

We decided to leave the next day but we had to visit the crocodile farm nearby.

Back to nature crocs


On our way from the crocodile farm we were luck to meet a herd of grazing zebra
back to nature zebras

Back to nature zebras

The experience was memorable
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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hemlock1981
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 18:29:47

    Great trip. I am glad to read this part after a little break in the action.


    • jameson goto
      Jan 10, 2011 @ 19:11:05

      I had told myself that I would stay away from the world of telecommunication for a month and I am glad I managed but it was not easy. I missed the action from you guys. I have a lot of catching up to do. Would you have survived Mac. I wonder.


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