Where are my spectacles and keys?

When you can no longer do the things things you used to do  well in your youth, then I

suppose its a sign that you are not getting younger. Now in my middle age, I have

discovered something disconcerting about my memory. I tell myself its not dementia.

Picture this:


When I go to sleep I make it a habit to remove my glasses[I suppose everyone does

that]. But come the  morning I cannot find them. This is very irritating and sometimes I

will find them after a couple of  minutes or so, right in front of me. Oh it is because when I take them off I become short of sight?

The same thing sometimes applies to my car keys. I always misplace them.

car keys

I suppose I have to sleep with my glasses on and  tie a loop of an old sock around  my neck with the keys.  -:). What a spectacle!

This reminds me pupils coming to high school for the first time. They had ingenious ways of keeping track of their  earthly possessions for example keys and pocket-money. I can only leave the details to your own imagination.

When I am late for work, I find it embarrassing to tell my colleagues I was late because I could not find my car keys or My Glasses.

Interesting enough my stupid memory seem to work well especially in remembering long, stupid formulae and faces but fails me again when it comes to remembering people’s names.

Do I choose what to remember?


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