The star in you

Our lives and personalities can be compared to the existence or life of a star or generally to heavenly bodies. Find out what you could be:

Hot or Cold

Stars are classified using the letters of the alphabet O, B, A, F, G, K and M.

“O be a fine girl, kiss me.”

That is O is the hottest; blue and M is the coolest; red.  A stars are “white-hot” and are in the middle.
If you are hot you  have lots of energy, young, active and living life to the fullest but unpredictable in nature.

M is cold but still producing a bit of warmth (infra-red radiation) but you are distant, cold and quiet and getting old, turning into a Red Giant like Antares in the head of Scorpio constellation, in the Southern crux.

Like Betelgeuse, Antares, Aldebaran, and Arcturus you have seen it all. You have exhausted your supply of energy(hydrogen in your core). Yes you are now wise.  Any time you may die. Just hold on you can become a white dwarf.

A comet

You are the prodigal son who has left your home and always come back after the same period. Your friend Halley came in 1910 and truly to his word came back again in 1986. I am afraid I will not be able to see you on your next trip. I will miss your tail and your weight-shading journey whenever you come home. Did you hear what Comet Hale-Bopp did to the Heaven’s Gate cult in 1997?


Yes we know you are far away but you are always in touch. Thanks! Your short-text-messages always get here on time.

The pulsar

The pulsar

A black hole


black hole

We do not see you but we know you are there. Had it not been for your strong gravitational lenses we would not get the encoded signal from Stellar who lives yonder.

Dark matter

You are cold and invisible. Are you sick or something? Andromeda told me you won the wrestling contest. I did not know you have so much strength. How can we communicate with you?

A supernova

You are so energetic and full of life and you decide to commit suicide. You want to outshine everybody. Messier 86 is now blind. Everybody is talking about your luminous exit. Rest in peace.

The moon

You must not depend on earth for your travels. Why are you the Sun’s mirror. Produce your own light! Earthlings think the moon light is from you.

Be A Galaxy

If you are none of the above then you are a Galaxy.

What are you?


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