Blind faith or blindfolded

When it comes to our children some of us parents love them very much that we get blinded with Love. I remember parents would come at the end of every school term to consult about their children’s performance. Some of them used it as an opportunity to tell the professional teacher how to teach their children.


The Window

The Dirty Window

It was interesting to note that quite a number of parents did not seem to see the capabilities of their children in the light of prevailing evidence in the form of school reports, psychological reports and teachers’ comments. For them their children were always “great”.


Quite a number overestimated the abilities of their children despite the fact that some of the children were slow. For them it was the teacher failing to deliver. The parents would always say the their children used to do well in the past especially in Junior school. The parents seemed to be living in the past in their justification of their children’s lack of progress.
Unfortunately some parents appeared to believe in their children more than the teachers and to know their children better. A question of blood being thicker I suppose. Yes some parents know their children better but some would continue to support them what ever the case.

Blind Faith or Blindfold

What is it that blind us that we fail to see the light at end of the tunnel? Is it Love, Faith or down right stupidity? I wonder!


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