First Impressions are lasting

I have always liked the impressions I get when I join a new organisation. Some of the impressions are quite lasting.
Some of the people take too long to be part of my circle. It is not that I want them to be. I can see that many people seem to keep me at a distance. Some could be doubting my capabilities or my professionalism. I can always see that the majority are buying time and they want me to make the first move which I don’t. A cat and mouse game

Love at first Sight

I have always liked those colleagues who take no time to be part of my circle. The unassuming group. I regard them as strong personalities. These are the people who have always taught me the alphabet of the organisation although some would be trying to win myself to their own camps; something which I have learnt to pick up. What ever their intentions I love these people. I have disappointed some of them for they thought I could be easily be manipulated and controlled. NEVER!

Lasting Impressions

Unfortunately with time those people I failed to leave a good impression on; always try to make up and connect with me. By then it is too late. I would have liked a scenario when they were helpful when I really wanted them[That is when I started]. Probably they wanted to see me sink. They now feel that I deserve to be part of their circle or my circle. No ways! They are weak and fail to LOVE people at first sight.

I always have lasting impressions of them. Do you?


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