The Two way Street

One of the most amazing thing about teaching is to be able to bring the best out of my students. I remember teaching students who did not have hope and self belief in themselves. Through criticising them constructively and complementing them when they deserve it has changed some of them into great students. They are now able to ask the three golden  questions: How, What and How? They line up quietly; neatly tucked in and are always punctual.

You can stand there and see a pupil explode with a great inner feeling  of satisfaction after giving out a correct answer. The students are no longer worried about getting wrong answers for they know they can also learn from wrong answers.

The subject has been demystified and it is that feeling that makes me happy. The feeling that makes me rush into the classroom and have the best moments of my life. The students know when to share a joke and when to work. Sometimes there is total silence in the classroom and you cannot believe they are students in the classroom. You can hear a pin drop. I can leave the classroom and unbelievably the students behave as if I am in the room.

It is wonderful working with young minds who appreciate your efforts. It is a Two Way Street but the year is coming to an end and its time to say Goodbye.


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