Teaching is sometimes fantastic

It was one of those days I felt good inside. I had two Maths periods with one of my grade 9 class. The topic was finding areas of different shapes. I started from basics. Finding the area of a square then dividing into halves to prove the formula for a triangle: half base times height. When it came to combining different shapes and finding the areas it was great to see how the pupils managed to do it. It was nice to see young minds arguing in a logical way. It was uplifting! This I never thought would happen because when we started at the beginning of the year the pupils didn’t want to learn. Now its smooth sailing. They are punctual and work is being done on time. They all want to please me and are proud of their achievements. Their marks have gone up. I can see the hunger in their eyes. Its exciting. It makes teaching a wonderful experience. The bell went and the pupils didn’t even hear it. They were stuck in their work. Its fulfilling.


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  1. ottilia
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 14:20:37

    hie jameson. it was lovely to read your blog and to see that you r breaking new ground each and everyday. bravo! i found your feelings about teaching very interesting. as i write this i am one of those teachers who has been highly disappointed by student’s attitude towards my subject or is it towards the teacher. i feel as if i have failed to motivate my AS class. they accuse me of giving them low marks when they deserve higher. i am sorry to say i find it hard to give a student a high mark which they dont deserve especially when that student has said next to nothing in their essay. why is it that students nowadays want to be mollycoodled? well i am sure thats why you opened this blog. GIVE ME SOME INSPIRATION MAN!


    • gotojamesonblog
      Nov 02, 2010 @ 19:53:56

      Yes Ottie: Today’s students are different. The majority want to reap what they didn’t sow. You have to be hard and unpopular to be appreciated in the long run. I had problems with my students for almost two terms but I did not give up on what I believed to be right.Now everything is smooth-sailing and I am shocked by their sudden change of behavior. Its amazing. With last year’s group I had problems for the whole year and I did not give up. Last year’s class now realize now that I am a good teacher. Its always good when its gone and sometimes changing teachers make it worse for them. Unfortunately they don’t see the big picture. DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!


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